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The Magical Photo Course has been created by a group of talented experts at Teach Online Limited, a specialist e-learning company.

Online Learning, online learning is rapidly growing, it expands educational options and provides equal opportunities for all learners. But just as important, a recent study proved that online learning is effective and that online learning can actually improve teaching. (“On average, students seem to perform equally well or better academically in online learning.”) source:NCREL Synthesis of New Research on Online Learning.

David Eales is one of the worlds most respected photographers. He has travelled extensively around the world taking photographs for advertising, marketing and travel companies for over 30 years. After completing a degree course in art, design and photography he started his own photographic studios in London, England at the age of only 23 years. David has covered every aspect of photography over the years, working originally with film and then being one of the first adopters of the digital medium. His love and dedication to photography has resulted in him training his own two sons to take up the occupation. David is passionate about the world of photography and our lead tutor for this course. So you are in excellent hands!

See some of David's work here.

David Wright is a young and talented photographer based in Texas, USA. He has studied photography in both London and Los Angeles. David is now working as a commercial photographer in Austin, Texas and producing some award winning photographs for individuals and corporate clients.

David joined our team earlier this year and his contribution has been well received from students at all levels. We look forward to having him as part of our team to bring a young and exciting insight into the world of photography.

Our team of technology gurus are always on hand to sort out any technical issues, if and when they arise. A simple email to the team will ensure any problems are answered as quickly as possible, so you can feel assured that the course will run smoothly and the experts are all at hand.

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All images used within the course and the course website have been taken by our own photographers, our students or photographers releasing their images under a public domain licence. We thank everyone for their contributions.

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