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To help you get the best from the course please take a few minutes to read the advice below.

Course Overview

The Magical Photo Course (MPC) is made up of 12 theory modules and 12 Photographic projects. Each theory module consists of one written lesson and one multiple choice test with 5 questions.

To start your course use the navigation bar on the right hand side of the screen and go to 'My Courses', in the drop down, select “MPC” and this will take you to Module 1. Alternatively select course from the main menu and then select start course within the dropdown.

The navigation is simple and intuitive in each module. 

During the course there are 12 theory modules which consist of a lesson and a test to be competed to gain your grade. The photo projects, relating to the theory modules,  are mandatory and designed to help you understand the course content in a practical environment. Make sure you read the project brief first and then take an appropriate shot. On completion of each project your tutor will mark your photo and add it to your grades score along with your theory grade. You should enjoy these projects and be proud of your shots when you upload them for other students to see and appreciate.

Please study each module in detail and review each module before attempting to answer the questions, as you only have ONE attempt, and your first answers will go towards your course score.

Every course module remains available for you to go over as many times as you choose but you only have one attempt at answering the questions.

Don’t forget you have access to your course tutor at any time and can post a question regarding anything photographic, even if its not related to a module.


You can review your results at any time during the course to track your progress, by going to Grades in the admin menu. Don’t worry if you ‘have a bad day’ on a particular Module as your final score is calculated as an average over all the modules, so there is time to pick up on future modules as you go through the course.

Your Certificate

Your final results are recorded and depending on your cumulative score you will be awarded your course certificate with your name on and showing you have completed both the theory and the practical elements of the course and passed with flying colours.

A digital version of both your certificate and practical projects will be sent to you by email on completion of the course.

Hints and tips to get the most from your course.

  • Hopefully as you have chosen to take the course to improve your photography you will enjoy the content. Set yourself some goals before you start and try to stick to them as you progress through the course.


  • Your course is here to help you improve so don’t spend more time than you feel comfortable with to complete each module.


  • When you are working on the modules find a quiet place without the chance of interruption, and your progress will be far better.


  • Use your course tutor at any time to check anything you are not sure about. They will get back to you quickly with some help.


  • At the end of each module there is the option to go back and review that module as many times as you want. It is not mandatory to complete the photo assignment when you have finished each theory module, you can wait until you feel ready to submit your project and continue with the other theory modules in the meantime.


  • Only when you are happy that you have understood the module should you start the questions. Each set of module questions can be taken only once, so be sure you are confident to answer the test. Your final score will be an average percentage of all the modules and can be monitored in your grades menu as you proceed through the course.

    As you go through the course remember to write down important facts, you can use these to prompt yourself when you get to the test area.


    Photo Projects. With your photographic projects take time to study the brief and plan your shoot in detail. If you are not happy with your results, work out why, and then go back and try again. When you are happy with your shots please upload them to your Tutor to mark and then to the Photo Project forum so you can let other students see your work.

  • Re-sizing Photos. Your photos will need to be resized to upload to the forum and have a maximum size of 500kb when compressed.

Student Testimonials:

I bought the course because I did not know how to use the features on my camera. It was the best decision I made and I am now taking some great photos.

Mr. S. K. Harrow, Middlesex, UK.

Fantastic course, I was a complete amateur and was frightened I might be unable to do the course. Thankfully it’s aimed at the beginner and I was guided through and am now very capable, thanks to the tutors.

Miss. R.M. Ashton-under-Lyne, UK.

I really enjoyed this course and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in understanding more about the art of photography.

Mr. K.A. Dublin, Ireland.

I am learning things I never thought of before. This course is great!

Mrs. J.N. Glasgow, Scotland.

I wanted to go to a photography course but felt I would be out of my depth. This online course has allowed me to learn at my own pace and the tutor support is fantastic.

M.M. Bayswater, London.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the course materials, trying out the assignments, making comments and receiving feedback on my comments and would definitely recommend the course to friends.

J.S.K. Barnt Green, Worcestershire.

 Learning to take better photographs

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