Our team of online e-learning professionals believe the true benefits of an online course is to provide access to online tutors who can assist each student to gain maximum advantage of learning at their own pace. This is particularly important in a "foundation course" such as the magicalphotocourse.

The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves. Our tutors assist or guide students to become independent learners who can do the work on their own. Tutoring aims to supplement what is done in the theory and practical parts of the course. 

Our tutors facilitate learning for individuals and are role models who possess knowledge and skills and share them with their students. Our tutors will assist students in learning the concepts covered in the courses they tutor by utilising their significant professional photographic and e-learning experience for this particular magical photo course programme.

The course is committed to deliver quality online tutor advice and support to every student on the course.

If you have a question or a photo that you want some advice about, ask a tutor now by clicking here.

 Your course tutor:

Our lead tutor for this course is David Eales. He has been a professional photographer for over 30 years working in the advertising and commercial world. David has travelled the world on photographic assignments as well as working in top class studios both here in the UK and abroad. Below are just a sample of some of his commercial photographs taken during that time.

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